Saturday, 1 August 2015

For those with a sense of humour...

Think I'll be buying the pattern for this one. Hilarious, and such a fun crochet project to make. :-)

Here's the link


  1. Can't wait to see your shark blanket completed Jen! lol

    Can think of a few people in Australia who may NOT want one though ... Mick Fanning, the other gentleman who got attacked by a shark the other day ... lol... but I love it! _ Karen

  2. I have just finished your little mouse modified I am Mrs Santa in SantaLand for 3 days at the beginning of December we are a non profit group with Santa & SantaLand I have I kitchen & have pretend tea party's with those that wish to partake as they pass by, & many do. I knitted the body & head with grey 4ply doubled to make it bigger the arms & legs with single 4 ply the ears I used my own pattern then added a knitted Santa hat & coat & he holds a little bell I also added whiskers ( white florist wire) & of cause a tail I can send a photo if you wish. Thank you for the use of your pattern I havnt knitted a tea Cozy for years I've posted a photo on my Facebook page


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